Trencadís de cançons

Musical contrasts between modernity and tradition

Primary Education : 1st and 2nd

Dates : 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 27 and 28 February 2023.
Sessions : 10.00 h and 11:45 h
Space : Concert Hall
Price :  10 €
Capacity: 600 seats


Company of dance Factoria Mascaró (directed by Quim Serra)
Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Murcia, voices and instruments (guitar, accordion, flutes, keyboard and percussion)
Joan Figueres and Joan Serra, script
Joan Figueres and Xavi Múrcia, music
Joan Serra and Quim Serra,
choreography and direction

The adventure:
Three architectural elements characteristic of Palau -the maiden of the facade, the palm trees and the winged horse half-shells of the second-floor, all personified onstage, will become the stars of this show. Acoustic instruments, the singing voice, electronic sounds, live together in this artistic. A curious mixture of poetry, song and dance that puts us between modernity and tradition.

The goal:
To stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, by a show that combines poetry, song and popular author and a stage based on architectural and plastics elements of the Palau.