Petit Palau

Opened on the 18th of February 2004, the Petit Palau hall is a new auditorium intended for events that require a smaller seating capacity than the Concert Hall. Its dimensions and excellent acoustics make it particularly suitable for chamber music concerts, but it is also ideal for congresses, conventions, conferences, round tables, shareholders' meetings, company meetings, and as a recording studio or as a set for television programmes.

Built at a depth of 11 metres, the space features cutting-edge audiovisual equipment. Fixed stands and retractable orchestra stalls that can be concealed under the stage make this a very versatile and unique space.

It has a modern, multi-purpose foyer with standing room for 80 people. It is an indispensable space for accreditations, hospitality, coffee breaks, and so on and offers a coat check service.

Combining the Petit Palau with the Foyer floor of the Palau, the magic of the old with the functionality of the new, will make your event into an unforgettable experience.