Naxo Farreras, Guest plastic artist

Exhibition "'Listening to and feeling' sculptures", by Naxo Farreras

Exposition " Listening to and Feeling Sculptures"
From 27 th October to 4 th December 2022
Sala Lluís Millet

Naxo Farreras (Barcelona, 1951) has collated a sample of his work specifically for the Palau within the framework of the Palau de la Música Catalana’s dialogue with the plastic arts. Hence, for a little over a month the Sala Lluís Millet will become the exhibition space where the artist’s work will be on display alongside the work process that he followed.

The works exhibited are organised into sculptural families that form a dialogue and complement one another. Starting with Cathedrals , where the sculpture is the empty space that the form contains, we then move onto Chords , iron sculptures that, when struck, emit very particular sounds that we can feel . Also exhibited are his sculptures entitled Melodic Tubes , an interpretation of immaterial musical forms represented by the undulations of the spaces, and Arpeggios , which transmit a succession of vibrational waves combined in groups that suggest sets of sounds grouped into individual entities.

Naxo Ferreras’s connection with the Palau began in 2003, when he sculpted the tree that adorns the façade on the extension to the Palau. The tree incorporates representative points of the ten Sefirot in the Tree of Life according to the Jewish Kabbalah. The artist began working with stone and minerals and then incorporated wood and iron as the materials he uses to develop his creative investigations. Initially creating small-format pieces, influenced by his work as a goldsmith, he subsequently created sculptures as elements related to nature. This is the seed of his art, the backdrop for which is a deep reflection on the human scale in relation to the universe and how, through this scale, we understand the universe. From 2010, Farreras discovered the sound and vibrations of the materials in some of his pieces and the impact that this has on him. To paraphrase Naxo Farreras himself, “I listen to the sculptures and try to feel their sounds as the reason that gives them shape.” This is the root cause of this exhibition, the “sonorous” sculptures presented in a building expressly created for music to resonate in.

Comisariado por Mercedes Soler-Lluró.

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